Dear Friends,

With over 40 years experience in the textile industry, we have liased closely with both supplier and customer in order to achieve their specific requirements.
This brochure details our production and service principals which we hope you will find informative and which you can use to present future customers.
Founded in 1984, as the sister company of a synthetic yarn in Bursa in the 1960's, TEMTAS Textile was established in Çerkezköy in 1988 to dye various qualities of knitted fabrics. Through 100 % owned capital, we have invested heavily the new technology and systems in order to increase efficiency.

We subscribe to national labour law and our loyal workforce of over 200, work on a nonstop, 3 shift production.

Combined with our awareness and consciouness to the environment, TEMTAS has stood amongst others in a short period of time and has recently been qualified to fulfil many foreign customers "Code of Conduct " conditions.

While daily work is being conducted by the second genaration, the founders are mostly involved in genaral project including sector development and socio-economic matters in cooperation with The Union, Universities, Chambers and other organisations.

We believe in long-term relations with our partners rather than short-term profits.

We are looking to seeing you among us soon.

Yours Sincerely,